Crimson curls whip through salty air

Brave blue eyes scatter from cresting waves to toes settling into the sand

She stumbles toward the foam and retreats in giggles 

The sea envies the grins she draws from lounging onlookers 

Undaunted by the crashing wildness of the water 

She clings to clumps of sand and flings every piece into the wind with joyful glee 

She bounds up the sandy dune to her audience 

Knowing we will be in awe of her sinking toes and sandcastles 

And we are 

We memorize every detail 

Every fresh freckle sitting on her button nose 

The careful curve of her cheeks 

Eyelashes long and faintly orange 

She is stunning

Laughter rings from her dainty mouth

Excitedly she details her adventure by the shore

Unabashed joy overwhelms her sweet face

Inspiring us to savor every second